The Biffa Award Board and management team is calling for organisations with a record in delivering high-quality, well-written research outputs, to submit proposals that meets its requirements for the evaluation and impact assessment of the Biffa Award programme.

The Biffa Award Board wants to ensure that funding has been, and continues to be, allocated correctly through the Strategy for Giving. The evaluator will seek evidence on how £22.7m, allocated since 2014, has impacted local communities and improved cohesion, establish the number of hectares of land that has been secured in perpetuity for the benefit of wildlife, and how many species and habitats have been protected.

Tender proposals and bids should be submitted by 5pm on Friday 29 January 2021. Short listed candidates will be called to interview, which will be held by video conference, week commencing Monday 22 February 2021, and we expect the contract to be awarded in week commencing 8 March 2021. Tenders should include an initial work plan reflecting overall design, which will be agreed as part of any contract and discussed at an inception meeting. The evaluation should be completed within six months of agreed contract.
The complete tender document can be found here.
The 2014 Biffa Award Impact Assessment can  be found here.
Project data for the years 2015-2020 can be found here.

It is expected that the appointed evaluators adhere to good practice and ethical guidelines, particularly when working with children and young people. They will be responsible for obtaining and any CRB checks for relevant staff if planning to interview children as part of the fieldwork.