What is Biffa Award?

Biffa Award is part of the Landfill Communities Fund, giving grants to projects that seek to improve their local communities. We put new roofs on village halls, create bio-diverse habitats and give children a place to play.

Thanks to our funding, the beaver was reintroduced to Britain after 400 years, the ThrustSSC (the fastest car ever made) has a state-of-the-art home, and heroic Bomber Command veterans are celebrated and honoured in Lincolnshire.

In difficult economic times, we know how important funding can be. A few thousand pounds is not much to the government but it is life-changing to community and environmental projects across the UK. Read more about our impact here.

“I would just like to say a huge thank you to your team for supporting the Kineton Sports and Social Club with a grant for improvements. We are really fortunate to have a thriving club in the heart of our community so the Biffa Award will be appreciated by many people for years to come” – Tony Watkinson, Kineton Sports and Social Club member

What are your funding themes?

We have three themes - Community Buildings, Recreation and Rebuilding Biodiversity. Your project must fit in one of those themes, and each has its own unique criteria. If you are unsure about which theme your project fits into, have a look at previous projects we have funded.

Once you’ve decided which theme your project fits into, you will need to find out the criteria for that theme, to check you are eligible to apply.

What we fund

We fund a variety of different projects - everything from a new kitchen in your community hall to reintroducing the beaver into Scotland. We are passionate about building communities and transforming lives, so if your project will benefit your local community and you are based near a landfill site, we would love to help you.

Unfortunately there are restrictions on what we can fund. We can’t fund projects that are outside the distance criteria, on school sites or do not provide a community benefit.

Please have a look at our  Frequently Asked Questions if you are still unsure whether we can fund your project.

Talk to us

Biffa Award funding is managed and distributed by a small team who are based in The Wildlife Trusts office in Newark, Nottinghamshire. If you want to contact a member of the team directly, you can do so here.