Fact File

Project/Applicant Name:Bare and Eroding Peat Project
County:Across the North Pennines
Theme:Partnership Project
Grant Received:£500,000

The Bare and Eroding Peat Project was a nationally important project that worked to conserve and restore 100 hectares of globally important peatlands in the North Pennines. Such peatlands are in poor condition and increasingly under threat.

The project included soil analysis, mapping, stabilising treatments for peat, re-vegetation and reconditioning works to ensure that new vegetation was allowed to grow and old vegetation was protected.

The Bare and Eroding Peat Project aimed to act quickly to get peats wet, well vegetated with robust natural bog vegetation and free from other external pressures such as pollution. The project also worked toward helping to combat climate change due to the peatlands being managed to act as carbon sinks.

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