Fact File

Project/Applicant Name:Theydon Bois Playground
Grant Received:£53,000

After a heroic fundraising effort the new playground at Theydon Bois has been completely replaced in time for summer. The new design includes a colourful rubber flooring as well as a large selection of play equipment for children aged 2 to 11. Many people and businesses in the village pulled together to try and raise the £155,000 necessary. But the final push was made possible with a grant of £53,000 from Biffa Award. The playground has now undergone a complete overhaul, in excess of the original plans, to include replacing the internal path, fencing and gates.


We can't believe it is finally happening. We have really tried to get as many climbing frames and activities in there as possible which will be fun and exciting for a whole spectrum of children. It is particularly good that the main frame, a swing and the roundabout will be accessible to those in wheelchairs as they would have missed out before. It's been a huge effort but well worth it. -Shelley Dix, chair of the PAT committee


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