Fact File

Project/Applicant Name:International Centre for Life
County:Tyne and Wear
Theme:Partnership Project
Grant Received:£375,898

Life Science Centre, Newcastle received funding to develop a new ‘one of a kind’ science laboratory experience to allow visitors to ‘step into the shoes’ of working scientists and carry out real experiments.

‘Experiment Zone’ was created. This laboratory area is one that families, school groups and adults can explore. Visitors can find out how real science is done in modern-day research laboratories, meet working scientists and assist in research projects. ‘Experiment Zone’ has helped reinforce the idea of science as a cultural pastime where there are no assessment pressures of formal education. Experiments are fun activities for visitors, with a longer-term benefit to the individuals, and the region.

With Biffa Award funding the Life Science Centre converted 250sqm of exhibition space into an area dedicated to practical experiments, installed basic infrastructure, built a self-contained preparation area for the safe handling of chemicals and modified established laboratory fittings to create a welcoming environment in the public attraction

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