Fact File

Project/Applicant Name:Ulster Wildlife
Theme:Rebuilding Biodiversity
Grant Received:£11,757

Balloo Wetland Nature Reserve is an urban nature reserve situated in Bangor which is home to 13 priority species including black-headed gull, herring gull, dunnock, song thrush, starling, linnet, bullfinch and reed bunting, and four priority habitats – hedgerows, ponds, reedbeds and wet woodland.

In 2018 the range and quality of wildlife at the reserve was under threat due to access difficulties that hindered conservation work. The old boardwalk had to be removed due to safety concerns leaving the site inaccessible to both conservation staff and the public. Ulster Wildlife Trust secured funding to replace and restore a path and bridge and approached Biffa Award to fund the remainder of the restoration project.

Biffa Award granted Ulster Wildlife £11,757 to undertake conservation work on the site which would not only benefit a wide range of pollinating invertebrates, birds and bats, but also provide connectivity with nearby Balloo Woodland Nature Reserve. Work included scrub management, restoration of species-rich grassland, removing invasive weeds, creation of pollinator bank and planting, as well as updating interpretive signage at the reserve.

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