Otmoor was, in the past, a magnificent wetland, part of the natural floodplain of the River Ray. During the 1960s and 70s, large areas were drained for arable farming, devastating the local wildlife and breeding wading birds.

RSPB embarked on a huge restoration project at Otmoor to return it to its former glory and encourage wildlife to return.

The grant of £50,000 received from Biffa Award has enabled major habitat restoration work to be carried out. This work included the creation of a 15 hectare lagoon, with 30 islands and 20 shallow pools in and around it, providing a safe haven for wading birds to nest and feed.

The project has also worked to improve the condition of the floodplain grazing marsh to benefit a wide range of wildlife including tassel stonewort, skylark, bittern, grey partridge, reed bunting, turtledove, bullfinch, linnet, otter, water vole, pipistrelle bat and brown hare.

Project Details

Organisation: RSPB
Project:Ashgrave and Big Otmoor Restoration
Location: South East
Funding: £50,000