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Yorkshire Wildlife Trust - Our Wild Corner
08 March 2016

Hidden in the heart of Hull is the Pearson Park Wildlife Garden.  The site had been run down which put many people off visiting.  

This project has engaged local volunteers in improving the appearance and usability of Pearson Park Wildlife Garden, by making better paths, enabling access, better and more informative interpretation and signage and adding unique art and individual elements to improve the extent of what is on offer.

The whole purpose of the wildlife garden is to inspire the residents of the City of Hull about wildlife and the environment and to learn techniques they can employ in their own gardens that benefit wildlife, people and the wider environment.  In addition, it shows the value for people's health and wellbeing to have well used and functioning green space within the urban areas of Hull.  Therefore, it is hoped that this project will inspire people to look after the green spaces in Hull beyond the boundaries of the wildlife garden.