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07 December 2015

At Biffa Award, we are proud to be a significant part of the Landfill Communities Fund, supporting positive change across the UK. 

Biffa Award projects make up an eclectic community across the country; with projects ranging in size and scale from a £500 to £1.6 million. This variety is the one of the greatest strengths of our Biffa Award community, and something to be celebrated. In the past five years alone we have installed double glazing in scout huts and provided a state of the art home for ThrustSSC, the fastest car ever made. We have fixed sprinkler systems in a bowls club, installed practice nets in numerous cricket clubs, and brought beavers back to Britain for the first time in 400 years. You may think that these projects have little in common, but they all represent the best aspects of community spirit and ambition. Though their methods may be different, Biffa Award projects are all united in one mission; to build communities and transform lives. 

In these difficult economic times, we know how important funding can be. Grants to community projects can inspire villages and support vulnerable groups. The size of a grant isn’t an accurate measure of the scale of the project. Nationally, the average amount of a Biffa Award funding is just £32,829. In the grand scheme of national budgets this is negligible, but to community and environmental projects across the UK this is a life changing sum. £32,829 can rebuild a park to get children active, bring a new lease of life to a tired but well loved community centre, or help bring a native species back from the brink.

On the surface, grant funding can be quite soulless; a list of assets to acquire and resources to monitor. But we know that Biffa Award funding means so much more, and can make a real lasting change to people’s lives; transforming environments for the benefit of everyone. 

A new boiler isn’t just an upgrade to a building’s plumbing; it means that a community centre is now usable in the winter months and can support new user groups. All weather cricket facilities mean longer practice hours, resulting in better cricketers, helping to encourage sport at a community level. Managing non-native species can mean rare butterflies returning to a site for the first time in years. Small changes can have BIG impacts, and we want our projects to shout it from the rooftops. 

It is often claimed that communities are fragmented, and that people no longer feel a sense of belonging. However, the consistently high number of applicants to Biffa Award, and the work of our local heroes across the country suggest to us that community spirit is alive and well, and thriving in Britain today.

It is our absolute pleasure to support it. 

Best wishes,

The Biffa Award Team

Contact details for each of the team can be found on the Contact Us page along with information on which Grants Officer covers each region.