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Leighton Moss is our project video of the week
22 October 2015
Our Video of the Week comes to you from the RSPB, who have been carrying out important nature conservation work at Silverdale Moss, a reedbed in North Lancashire, to make the site an even better place for wildlife.

Reedbed is a rare habitat in the UK, as much of it has been drained for farming and development. 14 years ago, the RSPB began creating Silverdale Moss, an extension to its popular nature reserve Leighton Moss, to provide homes for special wetland wildlife. By transforming what was once a muddy field into a reedbed, the site is now popular with a range of birds and other animals. 

However, the RSPB’s dream to attract otters and bitterns – a rare type of heron – to the site has not yet been realised.  Both otters and bitterns live on a diet of fish. But the low water table a Silverdale Moss meant that the site wasn’t providing enough fish to entice them in.

Thanks to £48,000 of funding from Biffa Award, though, the RSPB has been able to take steps to rectify the situation.

Jarrod Sneyd, Site Manager at RSPB Leighton Moss and Morecambe Bay nature reserve explains: “This generous funding has allowed us to make improvements on Silverdale Moss so we can better raise and control the water levels there. This will increase the fish available and hopefully encourage bitterns and otters to breed and thrive on the reserve. This work has enhanced the site for other special wildlife, helping to make the nature reserve bigger, better and more connected for nature.”

Gillian French, BIffa Award Programme Manager said, "We are please to support such an exciting project to rebuild biodiversity in Leighton Moss. We will be following this project with great interest, in the hope of seeing otters and bitterns in this beautiful corner of Lancashire.”

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