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Coventry Transport Museum speeds towards the finish line
06 July 2015

The Coventry Transport Museum’s new Land Speed Records exhibition is now open for business after a successful opening event on June 20th 2015


Coventry Transport Museum is home to the world’s biggest collection of British Road Transport, telling the fascinating story behind the development of road transport from the earliest cycles to the fastest cars on earth. 


In September 2013 the museum received a £498,240 Flagship grant to be spent over two years from Biffa Award, a multi-million pound fund that helps to build communities and transform lives through awarding grants to community and environmental projects across the UK.


The project funded under Biffa Award’s ‘Cultural Facilities’ category is now available to the public after a successful opening event, to tell the story of land speed records, set against a background of technological development and social change. The exhibition opened as part of an exciting £8.5 million redevelopment project at Coventry Transport Museum and it is now ready and open for business,


More details and information can be found on the project and exhibition as a whole here. For more information on Coventry Transport Museum itself, please refer to the website: