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Biffa Award Programme Evaluation
07 April 2014

Biffa Award is a multi-million pound fund which awards grants to community and environmental projects across the UK.  Biffa Award has been awarding grants since 1997.  To date, approaching £150 million has been awarded to thousands of worthy projects. 

The Biffa Award Board and management team is calling for organisations to submit proposals that meet its requirements for the evaluation of the Biffa Award programme.  This invitation to tender presents an opportunity to work with the Biffa Award team in the evaluation of the programme and contribute to the lasting legacy the programme.

Biffa Award’s programme evaluation, both positive and negative, will be fed back and incorporated into future work carried out at strategic and grass roots levels by organisations and groups across the UK.  Evaluation findings will also be used by the sector for influencing Government policy.


The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT) acts as manager of the Biffa Award programme under the Landfill Communities Fund scheme, which enables Biffa Waste Services to donate landfill tax credits which are regulated by ENTRUST.  ADEB (Association of Distributive and Environmental Bodies) is the representative body for organisations that work within the Landfill Communities Fund.  See Appendix A of the attached document for more details. 

You can register your interest via or by clicking on the Invitation to Tender document, which  can be found at the bottom of our downloads page, HERE