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Biffa Award Community Chat Forum
07 March 2014

The Community Chat Forum can be found on the Biffa Award website either via the Community Buzz tab or by clicking directly onto the ‘View the Community Chat Forum’ link below the news stories on the Home page.


To be able to take part in the Community Chat Forum you will need to register an account.


To do this click on ‘Register’ and enter your details (you can update your account details at any time by clicking on the ‘My Profile’ button when you login).


Now you’re ready to start chatting to the Biffa Award community.You will see the most up to date posts in the top section of the Community Chat Forum and the full list of discussions in the lower half of the page.


If you see something that interests you why not click on the title and find out what others are saying before adding your own voice to the discussion.


Creating a new post


If you want to add a new post click on ‘Create a new post’ and fill in the spaces as needed. Please include relevant search tags which will help others who search for these key words in the ‘search’ button the main home page to find your post. This could be helpful especially if you’re asking for advice or have a specific question. There is also a drop down box of popular tags which might be helpful if you need some ideas.


When you’re ready to submit your post simply click on ‘submit post’.


Search tags and searching for something specific


When you create a post think about including a tag which will help others find the information you’re sharing.  For example if you’re sharing a link to another funding stream you might include the tag ‘Funding’ before you submit your discussion.


If you’re looking for advice on a specific topic the why not click on the ‘Search’ button and add a keyword to the search criteria.


Return to the main forum page


If you ever need to navigate back to the main Community Chat Forum page just click on the ‘return to main page’ button.