The relevance and importance of local history and heritage in Bexley was boosted by Biffa Award, when funding gave Bexley Heritage Trust the opportunity to inspire thousands with three new interpretation rooms. Children and adults are now free to explore the grounds at ease, and experience real Tudor life on the estate.

The estate has benefited hugely in terms of visitor numbers to the grounds, but impacts more greatly on those in and around Bexley, protecting their heritage through a facility that they can be immensely proud of.

Retired fireman and active volunteer Jim Seffens has witnessed the impact of Biffa Award funding: "The new educational rooms teach children a little bit of respect and that not everything is can actually get out and enjoy a day out with your grandparents or parents. It's a brilliant facility."

Project Details

Organisation: Bexley Heritage Trust
Project:Hall Place and Gardens Development
Location: South East
Funding: £50,000