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Before you can apply for funding from Biffa Award you must ensure your project meets the necessary criteria. Use the checklist below to check your eligibility;
Which Grant Scheme are you applying for?
Main Grants
Check your location - Postcode Search
To be eligible for Biffa Award funding, projects must be within the specified radius of both a Biffa Operation and a Landfill site for the type of project you are looking to develop. Use the Biffa Award Postcode Checker to ensure your project's location is eligible.

This check will only provide you with your distance from a Biffa Operation; you will need to visit the Environment Agency website to check where your nearest active landfill site is.
Check the Criteria
Under each level of funding, there are certain criteria you must meet to be eligible for funding.Use the links below to check you meet these criteria.
Read the Guidance Notes
We also strongly advise that all a applicants take a look at our Guidance Notes before applying. The document will provide you with details of what projects under each theme must aim to achieve, as well lists of what we do and do not fund.

Download the Main Grants Scheme Guidance notes here.

Now that you have checked your eligibility for funding you have the opportunity to apply. To apply under the Main Grants Scheme, click on Apply Now!